​Gen. David Petraeus And Mitt Romney Campaign Rumors

Staff Reporter
May. 22, 2014

An exclusive story Tuesday claims President Obama thinks rival Mitt Romney wants to name Gen. David Petraeus as his running mate, according the Drudge Report.

However, the White House quickly shot down the claim. Romney, though, did not respond when reporters asked him directly Tuesday whether he met with Petraeus in New Hampshire, as suggested by the Drudge story.

The report claimed Obama “whispered” to a fundraiser this week that he thinks Romney wants to name Petraeus. “The president wasn’t joking,” the source said, according to Drudge.

The report succeeded in prompting a question at Tuesday’s White House press briefing.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney cautioned the media to be “mindful of your sources.”

“I can say with absolute confidence that such an assertion has never been uttered by the president.” Carney said. “And again be mindful of your sources.”
“Drudge is wrong?” a reporter asked, incredulously. “Apparently so,” Carney said.

Carney went on to say Petraeus is “currently serving very well” as director of the CIA, a post he assumed after leading U.S. and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

Do you think Petraeus will join Romney as his running mate?

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