Newt Gingrich And Michele Bachmann Tossing Mud In Florida

Gingrich Bachmann – Michele Bachmann visited Florida to take shots at Newt Gingrich.

The Tea Party supporter unexpectedly popped into South Florida on Thursday and started throwing haymakers at the Republican presidential front-runner.

Michele called Newt an “influence peddler” and said he has flip-flopped just like Romney. And voters won’t buy it, she said.

“They want to know what’s the truth,” she said at an appearance in Fort Lauderdale. “They’re not interested in a chameleon.”

Just the day before, Gingrich took umbrage at Bachmann’s criticism of his immigration plan and called her “factually challenged” – a comment that highlighted the Minnesota congresswoman’s penchant for gaffes and misstatements.

The verbal tussles between the candidates is becoming more common as the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses draw closer, followed by New Hampshire and South Carolina. Florida — the largest and most influential swing state — holds its primary Jan. 31. Amid the criticisms of each other, all the candidates say President Barack Obama has been a failure.