Governors Prepare To Leave Office

By: Susan Harris
Staff Writer
Published: Dec 31, 2021

Governors prepare to leave office. Governors in California, Florida, Minnesota and South Carolina prepare are to leave office in 2011. A new crop of state chief executives will be sworn in on Saturday.

Republicans Arnold Schwarzenegger of California, Charlie Crist of Florida, Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota and Mark Sanford of South Carolina

Democrats Bill Richardson of New Mexico, David Paterson of New York, Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania, Ted Strickland of Ohio and Jennifer Granholm of Michigan.

Some of them are leaving due to term limits, some were defeated and others sought different offices. Some are leaving after having survived high-profile scandals. Others are departing after weathering a myriad of problems affecting their states.

David Paterson, Jennifer Granholm and Bill Richardson will be the first to leave office when their successors are sworn in on Saturday.