Herman Cain Is Tied With Rick Perry

Herman Cain – Herman Cain and Rick Perry are tied in a GOP presidential nomination poll. However, there’s one catch.

Shockingly, the results are in Texas where Perry has been governor for 10 years.

The poll reveals a 27% to 26% result for the two men in the Republican portion of the survey done by the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune. Texas Rep. Ron Paul is third with 12%. The numbers are within the poll’s margin of error.

“For Gov. Perry, the news is mixed,” Daron Shaw, co-director of the poll, tells the Texas Tribune.

While Perry’s numbers are better than his showing in May, when he was not a candidate, Shaw notes “he is not dominating here the way one might have expected.”

Herman has been surging in national and state polls in recent weeks as Rick, who upended the race when he joined the field in August, has slid.

In one tell-tale sign: The former Godfather Pizza CEO has a 13-percentage point lead over the Texas governor among the most conservative voters, the Texas poll shows. He also does better in rural areas and in the suburbs.

The poll, however, underscores the strong GOP tide in Texas. In hypothetical matchups, President Obama would lose against Perry, Cain, Ron Paul and Mitt Romney. Perry does best against Obama, getting 45% of the vote compared with 37% for the current White House occupant.

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