Herman Cain Stumbles On Libya Questioning

Herman Cain Libya – Herman Cain stumbles when questioned on Libya.

The editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel defended his newspaper’s interview with the GOP presidential candidate, stating that some of the journalists in the room were “stunned” when he delivered a fumbled response to the question.

“Trying to spin it and say it was edited or handled some other way is just not accurate,” newspaper editor Martin Kaiser said today on CNN.

During a meeting with the Milwaukee newspaper’s editorial board on Monday, Cain had difficulty giving a clear answer on whether he supported President Obama’s handling of the crisis. The session was videotaped, and the footage posted on the newspaper’s website.

YouTube reports the Cain Libya video has been viewed more than 156,000 times so far and is No. 1 on its Top 5 list of hot political videos for today.

Cain told a Milwaukee reporter after his editorial board interview that he paused “to make sure I didn’t say something wrong. … But the fact I didn’t answer immediately — I’m going to be honest with you, that is silly. That is silly!” He once again decried what he calls “flyspecking,” the scrutiny of his every word.

Herman’s spokesman J.D. Gordon told the Associated Press that Cain’s response was due to a lack of sleep.

Cain’s Libya response is evoking comparisons to Rick Perry’s gaffe at a GOP presidential debate, in which the Texas governor stumbled and could not remember the name of the third federal agency he’d like to cut.

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