Hillary Clinton Flaming Streaker Wears Loin Cloth

Hillary Clinton Streaker – Hillary Clinton’s photo op took a hilarious turn when a streaker ran behind her wearing nothing more than a loin cloth and a flaming torch. The incident happened shortly after she landed in Hawaii.

Video of the incident, which surfaced Tuesday, shows the Secretary of State busting out a hearty laugh and clapping her hands when she spots the man zooming by.

“The was great!” Clinton exclaimed to the media. “I hope you all captured that.”

Clinton had been posing for photos with Donald Tsang, Hong Kong’s chief executive on Saturday as the man appeared in the shot.

Barely containing herself, she then patted Tsang on the shoulder and joked “People will wonder what the chief executive is doing.”

It was not clear who the streaker was or where he was heading.

Clinton is in the Aloha State this week to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit.

After Hawaii, Clinton will go to Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia-where she’ll meet up with President Obama.

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