​Hillary Clinton’s Glasses Reveal Lingering Health Effects From Concussion​​

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently gave her testimony while wearing a thick pair of glasses before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on the attack in Benghazi, Libya.

Hillary Clintons Glasses

The thick glasses Clinton has been wearing in public since returning from a concussion and blood clot last month are the result of lingering effects of her health problems, a Clinton aide confirms.

“She’ll be wearing these glasses instead of her contacts for a period of time because of lingering issues stemming from her concussion,” said spokesman Philippe Reines. “With them on she sees just fine.”

Clinton’s glasses look as though they have a thick left lens with lines across it. According to medical experts a fresnel prism is common in cases like Clinton’s. They normally come in the form of a piece of thin, transparent plastic that can be adhered to existing lenses. The special grooves in these prisms change the way light enters the eye, making them useful in treating double vision.

Dr. James Liu, director of the Center for Skull Base and Pituitary Surgery at the Neurological Institute of New Jersey, said that concussion and head injury can lead to blurred or double vision in some cases, and that this symptom can linger for a while during recovery.

“It is possible that blurred or double vision can last up to weeks and even months,” he said. “This really depends on the severity of the head injury. In cases of concussions, these symptoms are usually temporary and eventually resolve with time.”

The former First Lady suffered a concussion on December 13, 2021 when she fainted from being dehydrated due to a stomach virus.