​Jeb Bush Says Barack Obama Blames George Bush For All Problems

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November 2, 2021

At a Mitt Romney rally in Coral Gables, Florida on Wednesday, former Gov. Jeb Bush said President Obama blames his brother George Bush for his problems and is basing his re-election campaign on it.

“His entire strategy is to blame others — starting with my brother, of course.” Jeb said, “Basically, he blames every possible thing rather than having the humility to be able to reach out and to find common ground.”

Later in an interview with Newsmax, Jeb went further in his criticism of the President saying he was acting like a 10-year-old.

“When you act like that, when you blame other people and when you use profane language, and when you act like you’re a 10-year-old, sometimes as in the debates, I don’t think that independent voters and undecided voters are really moved by that,” Bush told Newsmax. “I hope that President Obama continues to campaign these last 10 days in that surly way, because if he does, I think he loses.”

Jeb then went on to claim that we have seen a change in the president’s demeanor lately and he is turning up the heat on Romney because someone dare challenge him.

“(Obama) is very annoyed by the fact that someone dare challenge him, and challenge his presidency, and challenge him for reelection,” he says.

Jeb Bush also appeared on CBS’s “This Morning” to say that the presidents visit to the Jersey Shore on Wednesday to view the damage by Hurricane Sandy was only “symbolism” before the election.

“It requires public leadership, and governors and mayors appear to me to be stepping up in a very important way,” Bush said.

Saying of Obama’s visit, “That’s more symbolism than anything else.”

Later on “Fox and Friends’ he continued, “The governor is really the commander-in-chief of the response to this and the recovery efforts. I think watching on television, seeing [New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg,] and [New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie,] and [New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo,] they’re doing a fine job. You don’t have to have an R or a D, this is not a political thing. They’re doing what’s best for the people of their state. You can see it.”