John Edwards’ Serious Heart Condition Delays Trial

John Edwards trial will be delayed until March 2012 due to his heart condition.

The 2008 Presidential candidate will receive a bit more time to prepare for his day in court due to having surgery in February for a life-threatening ailment.

Edwards’ criminal wrong doing was first publicized in May of 2011, when it was reported that the US Department of Justice carried out a lengthy investigation in order to find out whether he spent over $1 million in political donations to conceal his affair with former campaign staff member Rielle Hunter.

The following month, he was indicted by a grand jury for 6 felony charges. They include 1 count of conspiracy, 4 counts of collecting illegal campaign contributions, and 1 count of making false statements.

Edwards could be charged $1.5 million in fines and face as long as 30 years in prison if he is found guilty of these charges.

Last month, Edwards filed papers asking US District Judge Catherine Eagles for a two-month delay in his case due to an unanticipated heart condition.

Apparently, Judge Catherine Eagles for the Middle District of North Carolina agreed and moved his trial date back to March 26; Edward’s original trial was scheduled for Jan. 30.

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