Michelle Obama Criticized Vacation Spain

By: Jennifer Hong
Staff Writer
Published: Aug 8, 2021

First Lady Michelle Obama is criticized over lavish spending and a luxury vacation.

Michelle Obama criticized vacation to Spain. Michelle Obama is criticized for going on vacation during her husband's birthday. President Barack Obama celebrated his 49th birthday with Oprah, but Michelle was critized while on vacation.

Obama, the First Lady, was traveled to Spain with her daughter Sasha. It was a private trip that included other members of her family. This happened at the same time when her husband, President Barack Obama, celebrated his 49th birthday with Oprah Winfrey.

Critics have commented on everything from the trip's price tag to the apparent diplomatic gaffe between the United States and Spain. In fact, Fox News reported that the State Department published a statement cautioning travelers against racist prejudices in Spain. The statement read, "Racist prejudices could lead to the arrest of Afro-Americans who travel to Spain," but the wording can no longer be found on the State Department's website.

There are other critics that have trashed Michelle Obama as a "modern day Marie Antoinette." She is criticized for taking such a glitzy vacation while most of the country is struggling to make ends meet. The Obama entourage is staying at the luxury hotel Villa Padierna, a Ritz-Carlton property often described as one of the world's top 10 hotels.