​Michelle Obama Senate run: Unlikely Candidate For California Senate

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Oct. 28, 2014

The Michelle Obama Senate run rumors for 2016 are all speculation for now, perhaps to drum up support for office after she chuckled at the idea.

While the Senate notion has been voiced before, the logic behind the voice seems to be more pronounced now than before, according to Examiner. The Obama family are reportedly looking for some residential properties in New York and California. Also, the First Lady also said that her future does not include politics.

The Michelle Obama Senate run speculation comes as 2016 looms. There’s already been rumors that she will probably be the first woman to be president, if Hillary Clinton decides not to run. Even so, Clinton still needs more support than she does now.

And if you thought that Illinois would be her state to run for Senate, it’s not, according to The Christian Science Monitor. The publication suggest that the first family has its sights set on California. In addition, Orb Magazine, a new gossip site, came out with a story to support the theory.

“Michelle Obama is being urged to move to California and pursue the Senate seat that will almost certainly be vacated by Dianne Feinstein in 2018 when she will be 85 years old … To lure her to the Senate race, supporters have been reminding Michelle that California is solidly Democratic and there is no apparent frontrunner to succeed Feinstein - certainly no one with the stature, broad appeal and fundraising connections Michelle has.”

A Michelle Obama Senate run rumor in California doesn’t make a lot of sense. However, neither did Hillary Clinton when she ran for office in New York. The rumor is possible, but there isn’t enough evidence to suggest that she will enter politics.

It’s important to reiterate the First Lady’s enterprising nature and tenacity. Educated at Princeton and Harvard, she was an associate at a law firm, then served as assistant to Chicago mayor Richard M. Daly, later becoming assistant commissioner of planning and development. She founded Public Allies Chicago which provided young adults with leadership training for public service careers, which is plenty of experience for a possible Michelle Obama Senate run in 2016.

As executive director, Michelle Obama headed up a non-profit named by President Bill Clinton as a model AmeriCorps program. She then joined the University of Chicago as associate dean of student services, and established its first community service program. In 2002, she was named the University of Chicago Hospitals’ executive director of community and external affairs.

While the Michelle Obama Senate run rumors are still ongoing, Feinstein still has to vacate her seat first, News Max notes. Feinstein, who has served in the Senate since 1992 still hasn’t decided whether to seek another term. This rumor has been in the news before, except the office was in Illinois and not California.

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