Nancy Pelosi Comments On Secret Service Scandal

In the midst of a Secret Service prostitution scandal, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi described the situation as “every D word you can think of.”

“It is so, what would be the word? Disgusting, disconcerting — every D word you can think of. But it is, nonetheless, something that needs to be looked at right away because the security of the president is immediate and that can’t be put on a back burner,” Pelosi said at the Capitol on Thursday.

“So, I think that those responsible should report what they know and if that’s not satisfactory then we [Congress] reserve the right to go forward on it.”

Pelosi also said that she does not “know the particulars” of the Secret Service’s internal investigation into the matter.

“If you don’t know, I don’t know because I know what you tell me,” Pelosi told reporters.

The scandal on which Nancy Pelosi is commenting (that is likely to cost at least 11 members of the elite guard their jobs) allegedly stemmed from a disagreement between one of the men and one of the sex workers as to the cost of the evening’s activities.

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