Newt Gingrich Accuses Obama Of ‘Cheating’

Newt Gingrich Obama Cheating – Newt Gingrich, the Republican Presidential hopeful, is accusing Mitt Romney of buying the election through advertising and says Barack Obama had been “able to win by cheating” in pass elections, during an interview with Fox News.

The candidate was referring to the federal governments rejection of a South Carolina voter’s ID law. It would have required voters to show a driver’s license or 1 of 4 other government issued id’s before they could vote.

The Federal government said it justifies its ruling by saying the law does not comply with the Voter Rights Act and that the state did not justify the need for the law.

Gingrich tols Fox News, that it was “totally wrong” for the government to deny South Carolina the law.

“I think every American has a right to demand that our elections be honest and we have some way of knowing who is actually voting. That we don’t have dead people voting. We don’t have people voting illegally. We don’t have people voting who may not have the correct registration and I think it is again an example of the Obama Administration’s reliance on being able to win by cheating that they are somehow frightened of having an honest election and this is the kind lawsuit I would drop the very first day if I became president,” said Gingrich.

Newt went on to say his opponent in the Republican race, Mitt Romney “would buy the election if he could.”

When asked to explain the comment Newt simply said, “Three and a half million dollars in negative ads, you tell me.”

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