Occupy Wall Street Protesters Arrested For Trespassing

Occupy Wall Street – Three Occupy Wall Street protesters were arrested Sunday afternoon near Duarte Square for trespassing on a vacant lot owned by Trinity Wall Street, police said said.

Shae Willes, 22, and Diego Ibanez, 23, both from Utah, and Brian Udall, 18, from Montana, were arrested around noon. The real estate group, who also owns historic Trinity Church, complained that the three supporters slept overnight on the site, the protesters said in a statement.

The three men started a hunger strike at noon on Saturday to gain the church’s attention. They want to use the 20,000-square-foot lot, adjacent to the square, as a temporary occupation site for their movement. Trinity is developing a residential high-rise tower on the property.

A Trinity spokesman told the Associated Press that the lot “is not available nor is it suitable for large-scale assemblies or encampments.”

The group said they slept overnight at the site without tents or sleeping bags, which the city has prohibited. They returned to the square immediately following their release and were evicted when curfew set in around 9 p.m.

Their plan is to go back and try to sleep in the Trinity [lot] again,” said strike support team leader Laura Gottesdiener.

The trio submitted a letter to Trinity Wall Street Sunday night, notifying them of three additional strikers who joined the group, along with a list of demands. One of which is that they want their trespass charges dropped they also want a meeting to discuss the future of the site.