Rand Paul Detained For Not Cooperating With TSA

Senator Rand Paul refused a pat-down from the TSA at the Nashville International Airport and was detained.

The son of a Republican Party presidential nominee, found himself detained on Monday due to refusing a simple to most pat-down.

Rand and his father Ron Paul are both renegade libertarians within the Republican Party and have always been harsh critics of the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) searches. In fact, the duo has previously called for the elimination of the entire agency.

Ron Paul tweeted about Rand being detained, yet TSA officials denied that happened. According to Lisa Farbstein, a TSA spokeswoman, the Senator was led away from the security checkpoint authorities as he was refused access to the departing terminals.

Apparently, the TSA found an “anomaly” on the Senator’s knee while he was being screened. Subsequent to missing his flight to Washington DC, he booked another and successfully made it through the check point.

According to Paul’s Facebook he was flying to Washington D.C., to attend the March for Life rally, which provides people with information about their Pro-life message.

The 49-year-old father of three is opposed to abortion, even in cases of incest and rape. He strongly supports the Life at Conception Act and the Human Life Amendment, yet he supports the morning-after pill.

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