RFK Jr. Claims Mary Kennedy Was Abusive And Obsessive

RFK Jr. makes claims in divorce papers he had filed prior to his wife Mary Kennedy’s suicide last month, that she was abusive to his children, that were his from a previous marriage and displayed obsessive behavior even after they had split.

Robert Kennedy Jr. and Mary had married in 1994, but divorce papers where filed two years ago and at the time of Mary’s death last month, it was still pending.

In an online posting of the filed paperwork by The Daily Beast, that was obtained by an avadavit for a Newsweek story, it shows that starting in 1997 when Kennedy Jr.’s then 9 year-old daughter would come for weekend visit’s, he would often drop her off at the airport only to find she was either missing her wallet or plane ticket.

He said he would yell at his daughter for constantly losing the items, but she would always try to explain it was Mary taking them from her. He recalls one instance when his teary-eyed daughter told him that Mary was taking the items and when he tried to convince her otherwise, “She looked me in the eye and said, ‘No, Daddy, Mary hates me.'”

He said he realized a week later his daughter was telling the truth when he found the lost items in one of Mary’s drawers, hidden underneath her clothing.

Kennedy Jr. says in the court filings that he had fallen deeply in love with Mary, who he had known since 1975, and prior to their marriage, she had a great relationship with his two children, but after being married that all changed.

“Mary began to be abusive toward both my children and particularly hateful toward” his daughter, he said. He indicated after learning of the treatment towards his children, he attempted a divorce three years after being married, but they reconciled.

When he filed for the divorce two years ago, and had already separated from Mary, he had requested the court but a stop to some of the unusual and obsessive behavior Mary was displaying towards him, such as physical attacks on him, stealing from him, constantly showing up at his home, calling him dozens of times a day, and even showing up on family trips uninvited.

He also requested that the court order that she remained sober when around the children and not discuss their marital problems with them, as well as threaten to commit suicide.

Mary’s sister Kerry said at the time of her suicide, “She struggled so hard, for so long, with mental illness, which so many Americans suffer with. She fought with dignity, and in the end, the demons won.”

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