Ron Paul CPAC Speech Excites Crowd

Ron Paul CPAC speech excites crowd. Ron Paul delivered his impassioned CPAC address today to an energetic crowd of Republicans, Constitutionalists, and Libertarians. The Texas Congressman’s speech stayed true to his Libertarian, non-interventionist, pro-Constitution beliefs, drawing applause from paleo-conservatives and ire from some neoconservatives.

Paul’s supporters have made their presence well-known throughout this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference. There were times when the crowd chanted his name during other seminars or bombarding CPAC attendees with his memorabilia. Today’s crowd was full of supporters, who gave a total of nine standing ovations throughout the Texas Congressman’s speech.

The speech opened by touting a number of recent achievements, including the recent failure in the House of Representatives for certain key provisions of the Patriot Act to be extended. According to Paul, the failed vote is a victory, as the Patriot Act is the “total destruction of the Fourth Amendment.” He asserts it is imperative for Americans to protect their civil liberties, and stopping the Patriot Act in its steps is one way to do so.

No address by the Congressman is complete without reference to the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank that Paul has long rejected — including in his book “End the Fed.” “There is no constitutional authority for the Federal Reserve, and the institution is to blame for some of our economic woes,” Paul said. His assertions prompted chants from the crowd: “End the Fed! End the Fed!”