School Union Win Right To Eat Expired Food

A group of unionized cafeteria workers fought against the school district they worked for, and won the right to eat or drink expired food for free.

The workers in the Sharpsville Area School District may now eat expired or reheated food that is no longer servable to students, at their own risk, after the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees filed a grievance.

The grievance had stated that school officials last year would no longer allow the workers to eat the expired foods for free in the schools cafeteria’s which, “violated the established past practice.”

The school board and the union eventually came to a settlement and agreed that those workers who choose to, may eat the expired or un-servable foods for free, but must pay for foods that have yet reached their expiration dates.

The grievance was filed in 2011 and the agreement was approved by a unanimous vote at a school board meeting on May 21st.

The Herald of Sharon, Pa., reported the settlement on Monday after requesting and receiving the three-page agreement outlining the settlement between the two sides.

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