SOPA To Regulate And Censor Internet

Sopa – Social networks are fighting the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The act would impose crippling regulation on sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. It would also prevent mobile startups from getting off the ground in the first place — all in the name of protecting Hollywood copyrights.

On November 15th and 16th, social media mobilized like never before against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA). The problem with the bill, and its Senate companion, the PROTECT IP Act, is not in its goals: no one disagrees artists should be paid for their work. It’s that it uses illegitimate means — censoring and blocking websites like they do in repressive regimes from China to Iran — to pursue these objectives.

Furthermore, each subsequent version of the bill took even more draconian steps to regulate the Internet, effectively leaving any site with a user-contributed content no choice but to pre-screen every posting to comply with the law.

Try that with 50 million tweets a day.

Having been involved in this fight for over a year through “Don’t Censor the Net,” the outpouring of opposition was truly amazing — made possible only by the instant, connective power of social media.

At the end of it, people who don’t normally agree on anything — from Nancy Pelosi to Michele Bachmann and Rand Paul — all agreed that the Stop Online Piracy Act needed to be scrapped or drastically re-written.

Knowing that an important hearing in the House Judiciary Committee was coming up on November 16th, “Don’t Censor the Net” kicked off its efforts with a Social Media Lobby Day on the 15th, encouraging visitors to call, tweet, or post Facebook messages on the walls of Judiciary Committee members.