Wisconsin Governor Recall Election Is Most Expensive In History

Wisconsin is making history because Tuesday’s recall election of the 45th Governor is the most expensive in state history with over $63.5 million spent by independent groups and candidates. It all comes down to the Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and a very costly boycott.

This record-breaking total spent has been made possible by the Citizens United U.S. Supreme Court decision, which is accountable for abolishing Wisconsin’s century-old boycott on nonpartisan spending by unions, corporations and a state law that grants endless contributions to the occupants in these recall elections.

During the gubernatorial campaign of 2010, a record high $37.4 million was spent; however, the amount spent since November 2011 overwhelmingly defeats this previous record.

During the start of two debates, Walker pledged to “stand up and take on the powerful special interests,” implying that national unions have bolstered up Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett, who is his Democratic challenger.

Approximately, 26 percent of Barrett’s $4 million has come from campaign donations outside of Wisconsin, and close to two-thirds of Walker’s $30.5 million contribution funds were brought in from out of state, according to campaign filings that were released in May 29.

“It’s big time,” said Mike McCabe, director of the campaign-finance watchdog Wisconsin Democracy Campaign, which compiled the numbers. “We have a level of outside interference in this election that the state has never seen before.”

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