727 Jet Is Man’s Dream House In Oregon

Bruce Campbell buys 727 jet to build his dream house out of a decommissioned plane in a secluded wooded area of Oregon. It is unique and offers multiple living areas, a den, kitchen, and a dining room in the cockpit.

Campbell, who is still working on completing the home, told CNN that he’s ready to move in full-time into what was first a hobby experiment. “It is a good experiment in a living environment that, I hope, will prove to be something that mankind will embrace with vigour at a later time,” he says.

He has ripped out most of the seating in the main passenger cabin and has replaced them with a couch and boxes of his belongings that still need to be unpacked. His says the two wings are great for decks to sit out on and relax when the weather is nice.

Campbell, already having the electricity working onboard, is still working on getting working plumbing on the plane as he only has one of the 3 toilets on board functional, and has a temporary shower in the main cabin.

“It’s small but I’m small”, he says of the loan functioning bathroom.

“It’s not for everybody. But I think it is for a lot of people, and it is definitely for me. I absolutely love it,” Campbell says of his dream house.

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