Evander Holyfield Mansion Foreclosed In Georgia

Former heavyweight champ Evander Holyfield is being forced out of his Georgia mansion, as he could not to come to an agreement with the bank on the foreclosed property.

“The Real Deal” owed over $14 million on his home and on July 1, it was purchased during a foreclosure auction at the Fayette County courthouse by a bank for a mere $7.5 million. Following the sale, the bank that purchased it allowed Holyfield to continue living in it briefly; however, it seems that his time is now up.

Reportedly, several trucks spent many hours on Evander Holyfield Highway at the 54,000-square-foot, 109 room, suburban Atlanta estate loading up all the boxer’s possessions, yet it is unknown where the items were being taken.

It has been obvious that Holyfield has had major financial problems recently. Other than losing his mansion, the financially-strapped 49-year-old owes the IRS for outstanding federal taxes, he is two months behind on his child-support payments for his 10-year-old son, and he is being sued by a Utah landscaping firm that is seeking $550,000 for their services and unpaid debt.

Hopefully, the Undisputed World Champion will be able to get a few promotional deals and get some of this debt paid off.

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