Home Sellers Negotiating Tips

Home Sellers Negotiating Tips – Most home sellers are successful because of their negotiating skills and we have a few tips that will help you strengthen your position and property value.

Start by getting your home into top condition. If your property is on the market with obvious defects such as paint, repairs, cleanup, carpets and landscaping, you can be certain prospective buyers will either not look at it, or if they do and they make an offer, it will be low.

Examine your home carefully. If you spot anything that a buyer can criticize, your negotiating position will be weakened. For example, if your home has peeling paint, you can be sure buyers will lower their offer by much more than a paint job would actually cost you.

To negotiate from a strong position, always get your house painted inside and out before putting it on the market.

The next step is to know the market value of your home. After getting your property in the best possible condition, improve your negotiating position by determining the true market value of your home. One way is to hire a professional appraiser to evaluate your home and provide an expert opinion of the market value.

The cost will be anywhere from $100 to $500 for the appraisal, depending on the size of your home and the difficulty of appraising it. Choose an appraiser who is properly licensed and is experienced in your area. This is important because if another home recently sold in your area for a higher price, it will raise your property value.

The final step is to relax and be patient. Another way of stating this rule is, If you must sell your home quickly because of a job transfer or to avoid a pending foreclosure, buyers will take advantage of your vulnerable situation. Give yourself plenty of time by putting your home on the market early.

Sellers who get the top prices for their residences are those who have their homes in excellent condition and who do not have a pending deadline.

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