Hottest Real Estate Markets

Hottest Real Estate Markets – This is a list of some great markets that CNBC put together, including the hottest sports in real estate. We’ve seen major improvements each year and this is great news for property investors. The list is actually based on a study conducted by global real estate consultancy Knight Frank.

This study ranks nations according to highest average growth in housing prices from the fourth quarter of 2006 to the same period in 2011. It can be interpreted to mean, that even though real estate prices in these parts of the world have grown dramatically in the past 5 years. Even so, many of the large areas still remain without an industry, which could mean inflated markets to some.

Here’s the list – This is based on a 5-year price growth:

As you can see by the list, the United States of America and Britain are not in the top 10, but keep in mind that this ranking is about price hike growth. It doesn’t necessarily mean or represent that America isn’t growing in real estate. The market is booming in Asia, but it could soon mean a bubble on the inflated prices.

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