Missile Silo For Sale In Upstate New York

Missile silos make great collector items, but now some are for sale and already renovated into large homes. A home built in the 1950’s for $18 million to hide a silo underneath it is now up for sale for just $1.72 million. The missile doesn’t come with the purchase.

The property was once owned by the U.S. military and sits on 185 acres in a place called Saranac, which is located in upstate New York.

It was bought back in 1991 by two cousins Bruce Francisco and Gregory Gibbon’s and they built the home over the silo. Bruce recalls the first time he saw the base.

“It was just a stairwell coming out of the ground,” he said. “I thought we should do something amazing with it. I wanted to build a surface home as a covert entrance.”

Now a would-be buyer can fly directly to the property and land on the runway alongside the open-plan surface lodge which hides the silo entrance. A keypad protected door on one side of the lodge gives access to the renovated launch control room below.

The two lower-levels that were once flooded, feature windows that stream simulated daylight. At 40-feet underground, a 2,000-pound “impenetrable” door leads to a 50-foot tunnel. This leads to the 185-foot-deep cylindrical missile storage room which is in its original condition.

The steel structure that held the missiles is still there.

The fourth version of the Atlas ICBM (the Atlas F) was stored vertically in underground silos. The Atlas was fueled in the silo and then had to be raised to the surface for launch. It could not be launched from within the silo.

The Titan I missile used a similar silo basing scheme to the Atlas F.