NYC Most Expensive Rental – Inside The Astor Suite

NYC Most Expensive Rental – New York City is a very expensive place to live, and more so if you want the Astor Suite, which is the most priced rental in the city.

The most expensive rental in the city is $165,000 per month — that’s right — $165K. It’s the same price as a luxury home in the suburbs from most cities in the nation. Why would anyone want to pay that much just to have some place to live?

It’s about location and the remedies that are offered.

The ritzy “Astor Suite” at the famed Plaza hotel hit the market on Thursday and boasts 5,087 square-feet of opulently-furnished loveliness for the super-rich.

The fifth floor unit has three bedrooms, five bathrooms, dining room, library and eat-in kitchen.

It also has a ‘guest apartment’ attached with another bedroom, bathroom, lounge and terrace. Huge windows overlook Central Park.

Previously the Waldorf-Astoria held the title for ‘most expensive rental-property’ in NYC with its five-bed $150,000-a-month Cole Porter suite. At an extra $15,000 a month the Astor knocks it right out of the water. In fact, it was named after Donald Trump when he bought the hotel in 1988.

The business magnate’s first wife Ivana supervised the construction of the suite a year later.

In 2007 it was sold to Jurgen Friedisch, the founder of the multi-national clothing company Esprit for $25 million. He later tried to sell it for $55 million but didn’t get any takers for the astronomical figure.

The current owner, who has remained anonymous, bought the pad for $30 million. Since then The Astor has been renovated beyond its former glory by the designer Steven Gambrel who had the oak library, windows and doors hand made and imported from Oxford, England. And that’s what living is like in the most expensive rental property.