Safest U.S. Cities To Live

The safest U.S. cities to live in are Portland, Honolulu, and Omaha to name a few. From toxic red sludge swelling the Danube River to freak tornadoes hitting typically twister-free Brooklyn N.Y., weird new threats are cropping up everywhere.

There are still plenty of U.S. cities where the living is easy. Take Plano, Texas–residents of this wealthy Dallas suburb enjoy the lowest violent crime rate of all big American cities, and have a much lower rate of fatal car crashes. In fact, this “All-American City” tops our list of America’s Safest Cities.

Here’s the Top 10:

10. Glendale, Ariz.
9. San Diego, Calif.
8. Anaheim, Calif.
7. Santa Ana, Calif.
6. New York, N.Y.
5. Omaha, Neb.
4. San Jose, Calif.
3. Honolulu, Hawaii
2. Portland, Ore.
1. Plano, Texas

It’s not hard to understand why it’s so safe in a place like Plano: The city’s median household income is 54% above the national average, at $77,140. Other wealthy cities also stand out as safe: Honolulu (No. 3), San Jose, Calif., (No. 4) and San Diego (No. 9) all have median incomes above the national average, and correspondingly low rates of fatal traffic accidents and violent crime.

But money alone isn’t the key to safety. The size of the wealth gap matters more. “If you have low incomes in an environment with high incomes, it creates a crime vector between the ‘haves’ and ‘have-nots,'” says Bruce McIndoe, president of iJet Intelligent Risk Systems, a Maryland-based risk-assessment firm. “Places like Plano and Honolulu are more homogeneous.”