Thomas Daigle Pays Mortgage In Full With Pennies

Thomas Daigle meant business when he paid off his mortgage in full with 62,000 pennies, making it a very “memorable” experience, and the bank was actually happy about it.

The Massachusetts man actually warned his bank of his plans before dropping off the deluge of coins to pay off his balance.

Daigle and his wife Sandra purchased their house in 1977, and he started saving his pennies the day they took residence in their house. Thomas Daigle took it seriously, and even picked up pennies he found on the ground to put them towards his mortgage, and surprisingly they did end up going towards it in the end.

Daigle said, “Thirty-five years ago when my wife and I took out our mortgage for our first home I happened to pick up a penny in a parking lot. I said, I’m going to pay our last mortgage in pennies.'”

He carefully rolled them into packs of exactly 50 cents. Milford Federal claims every roll was accurately counted.

Daigle says his wife didn’t know how many he’d saved over the years — she’d just laugh whenever he’d find a penny and tell her it was for the mortgage.

As the big day neared, Daigle says, he gave the mortgage company a heads up and they were “100% for it.”

The reason he paid his mortgage in pennies is because he wanted that final payment to be “memorable.” There is no doubt that people at the Milford Federal Savings and Loan Association will remember his final mortgage payment for a while.

Now that he is finished collecting the pennies for his final house payment, Daigle said he is collecting grandchildren. He has a good start with four.

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