2012 Countdown For Mayan Doomsday Begins

2012 Doomsday – The countdown for the 2012 apocalypse doomsday prediction has started, a reference made in the Mayan calendar from a few thousand years ago. They worshipped the Sun God, and even NASA predicts unusual solar storms this year that could have an impact on telecommunication and utility companies.

The interpretation comes with great debate. Tribe decedents who live in modern Mexico say it’s “a new beginning” or that the calendar itself ends, but a new one begins. Some people even say that it means absolutely nothing.

However, what about the writings on the ancient stones? If what we read and understand, in one interpretation, that the end of the world is coming next year for all humanity, is there something else that jives with it?

Several villages in the Mayan enriched areas of southern Mexico are celebrating. They call it a day of celebration because it’s the return of the Sun God, which is one interpretation. Remember, there is supposed to be huge solar winds this year, which may or may not have an impact on Earth.

There have been plenty of doomsday predictions in just about every culture and religion on Earth. Most of them have not come to pass with their early predictions. You can ask Christian Radio’s Harold Camping about that one. However, the Mayan 2012 prophecy seems to have the most believers, or people who want to believe that doomsday is coming.

The lost civilization itself was smart and were able to take astronomy and complicated mathematics to create the most accurate calendar on the planet. The doomsday stone tablet was discovered in the 1960s in Tortuguero. It describes the return of a Mayan God at the end of a 13th period.

Similar to the Y2K hype, it is more likely that the 2012 doomsday will be no different. It’s a way for people to cash in by selling items on the Internet. It’s big business at the expense of believers. It could happen, but it doesn’t, many won’t lose sleep over it.

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