Asteroid Passes Earth On Sunday Morning 2012 EG5

The asteroid was a near miss to Earth as EG5 came sweeping across the 2012 Sunday morning at 5:32 a.m. EDT.

Astronomers were setting up their telescopes to get a glimpse of 2012 EG5 late Saturday night before the asteroid made its pass. It is about 150 wide, about the size of a passenger jet, that zoomed by within 143,000 miles of Earth, NASA reports that there was no danger of it striking the Earth.

NASA scientists discovered the asteroid on March 13 while searching for large space rocks close to earth.

A second asteroid, 2012 FA57 was discovered by astronomers on March 28. Asteroid 2012 FA57 will pass by Earth on April 4. It will safely pass outside of the moons lunar distance.

The asteroid 2012 EG5 was the third asteroid to pass close by Earth within a week. Two smaller asteroids pass by Earth on Monday. The closest asteroid 2012 FS35 passed within 36,000 miles.

These space rocks were small enough that they would not survive a trip through Earth’s atmosphere.

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