Gospel Of Barnabas: Iran Uses ‘Adam Bible’ For Christianity Collapse

The scripture that was written in the Gospel of Barnabas, discovered in Turkey, is making Iran announce claims that it will cause Christianity to collapse, and it has everything to do with Adam in the Holy Bible. However, most people say it’s a fake.

The leather bound religious text is written on animal hide and was found in 2000 by Turkish smuggling officers during an anti-smuggling operation in Turkey’s Mediterranean and kept in the Justice Palace in the Turkish capital, Ankara, since then until recently when it was being transferred under armed police guard to the city’s Ethnography Museum.

It is said to date back to the 5th century and is written in Syriac, a dialect of Aramaic.

Barnabas was an Early Christian, one of the earliest Christian disciples in Jerusalem, his story appears in the Acts of the Apostles, and Paul mentions him in some of his epistles.

In the new Iranian claimed Barnabas writes that Jesus was never crucified and that Jesus himself predicted the coming of the Prophet Mohammad.

With Turkish authorities making claims that it is an authentic version of the gospel written by Barnabas, the Iranian media says it will trigger the downfall of Christianity and prove Islam is the final and righteous religion.

The Basij Press reports that in Chapter 41 of the text it reads, ‘God has hidden himself as Archangel Michael ran them (Adam and Eve) out of heaven, (and) when Adam turned, he noticed that at top of the gateway to heaven, it was written “La elah ela Allah, Mohamad rasool Allah,”‘ meaning Allah is the only God and Mohammad his prophet.

The Vatican made a request to study the scripture this past February, but it has yet been reported if it has been granted.

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