Climate Marmots - Change In Global Warming Means Harmony

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
07/21/2010 06:37 PM ET

Climate Marmots live in harmony, because population has increased. They don't mind longer summers and they are mating more because of global warming. Climate change seems to be working in the marmots favor.

For example, during hibernation, a marmot will lose around 40 percent of its body mass. This allows them to gain weight during prime eating months. Marmots, which mate starting when they are about two years old, live up to 15 years.

"Marmots are awake for only four to five months of the year. These months are a busy time for them - they have to eat and gain weight, get pregnant, produce offspring and get ready to hibernate again," Arpat Ozgul, lead author of the study, said in a statement. "Since the summers have become longer, marmots have had more time to do all these things and grow before the upcoming winter, so they are more likely to succeed and survive." This means that climate change is good news for the colony.

Climate change means greater population sizes due to global warming.

There was a recent study carried out between 1976 and 2008 by several universities, including London's Imperial College London, where Ozgul teaches in the Department of Life Sciences. Ozgul said that researchers have observed changes in the body mass of individual marmots over the course of the last three decades. Their population sizes are growing. However, the increase could only be for short-term because of the longer summers, and some say global warming is playing a huge role in the the study.

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