Dead Birds Mysteriously Fall Out Of The Skies In New Jersey

Dead birds are falling from the New Jersey skies and while the incident has been blamed as a sign of the apocalypse or UFOs, officials are looking at something much closer to home.

Locals in Millville were astounded when 80 of the reg-winged blackbirds were found dead on the ground. A neighbor even said that she had witnessed the birds falling from the sky. The roadways were a mess.

Birds would fall and try to fly again, but they could not. It was like something from a scene in an Alfred Hitchcock horror movie.

Animal control, public health officials and other emergency crews arrived at the scene yesterday, trying to solve the mystery of what had killed the birds.

However, Cumberland County Public Information Officer, Troy Ferus, revealed that it was nothing illegal, nor was it something concerning the environment.

In addition, he surmised that the birds had eaten something poisonous, something which a farmer had put down legally, to stop them from eating his crops. In truth, the poison was a double strength, granular pesticide, that was put down to stop birds eating the corn.

It is not the first time something like this has happened. On New Year’s Eve 2010, thousands of birds splattered on roads, lawns and rooftops in Beebe, Arkansas. Around 5,000 red winged blackbirds died.

The ground was turned black in some places, owing to the death of thousands of red winged blackbirds. Authorities believed it was due to high-altitude hail or lightning hitting the birds.

However, laboratory tests showed a different story. The tests confirmed that the birds had died from “multiple blunt force trauma.” In other words, they had flown into something.

The main suspect was New Year fireworks, that made the startled birds fly from their roosts and hurtle into trees, houses and each other.

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