Extinct Rare Grizzled Langur Rediscovers Dracula Monkey

The extinct Dracula monkey has been spotted in the Borneo rainforest, known as the Miller’s Grizzled Langur, and the rediscovery has surprised a team of international scientists.

The rare monkey is gets its nickname due to its look, a dark face and white, Dracula-esque collar of fur.

The dracula monkey was considered extinct in 2004, after overhunting and habitat loss. But a recent expedition by the team of researchers, who set up camera traps, proves they still exist after the camera’s caught shots of the monkeys.

The monkey is considered the rarest and least known of all primates in existence. Brent Loken, from Simon Fraser University Canada, said: “While our finding confirms the monkey still exists in East Kalimantan, there is a good chance that it remains one of the world’s most endangered primates.”

“I believe it is a race against time to protect many species in Borneo. It is difficult to adopt conservation strategies to protect species when we don’t even know the extent of where they live,” Loken adds.

Loken went on to say that future research will be to try to get population estimates. The team that made up the group of scientist making the discovery include members from Indonesia, USA, Canada, and Czech Republic, and their findings have been published in the American Journal of Primatology.

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