Florence Colgate’s Face, Golden Ratio Facial Beauty

She is known to have the most beautiful face in the world, and Florence Colgate won a beauty contest held by Lorraine Cosmetics, but it’s her perfect facial proportions that provides the science behind it, according to the Golden Ratio Facial Beauty method.

Florence has the perfect symmetrical and ratio between her mouth, eyes, chin, and forehead.

Scientists say that in a perfect world, the distance between the eyes is 46 percent of the whole width of the face, but the 18-year-old has a ratio of 44 percent, which is near perfect.

Carmen Lefevre, PhD student at the University of St. Andrews, said there are other factors that contribute to her good looks.

For example, her “large eyes, high cheekbones, [and] full lips” are “classic signs of beauty,” according to Lefevre.

Colgate did have some competition and was chosen among three other finalists, but the winner was decided by a public vote.

She plans to study business management and currently works at a local fish and chips restaurant on the weekends.

However, Colgate wants to have a modeling career, and she just might get that job after winning the beauty contest.

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