Japan Animal Tsunami Is Real: Earthquake Warning System

Doing everything they can to be prepared for the next “big one,” Japan is considering an early-warning system for Tsunami’s and earthquakes that involves a farm animal and watching water wells.

The coastal city of Susaki in southwestern Japan is researching the possibility that the lowering of water levels in wells and the unexpected loud squeaking of chickens are indicators that an earthquake or tsunami are impending.

“They may not foretell a future disaster in a perfectly accurate manner, but the most important is to analyse such data thoroughly,” said deputy mayor Yoshihito Myojin, according to a regional broadcaster late last month.

It has long been a myth, particularly in Japan that animals start to act abnormally before an impending disaster such as irregular movements by fish and even large amounts of cats fleeing their homes. The researches believe that the chickens some how know of such impending natural disasters that cause them to become nervous and begin clucking wildly.

Japanese researchers indicate that over years of observation in animal behavior’s there always seems to be abnormal behavior before a natural disaster strikes.

Tokyo was also considering whether or not smartphones or GPS systems were capable of aiding in evacuations during the next big earthquake after the 9.0 2011 quake caused numerous traffic jams and hampered rescue efforts keeping emergency vehicles from getting through.

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