Leaf-Nosed Bat Species Living In Vietnam

A new species of bat, called the Leaf-Nosed, was recently discovered living in Vietnam.

A scientific study of a leaf-nosed bat that began in 2008 revealed that it was a brand new species and not an existing species with similar physical characteristics called the great leaf-nosed bat. Scientists conducting the study performed DNA tests in order to prove that it was a new type of bat.

The physical characteristics of the leaf-nosed bat contribute to its common name.

The bat has bristles on its face that resemble a leaf and may help the bat with its echolocation, though scientists are not certain about that just yet. It is smaller than its known counterpart and much more docile. The bat also has a distinct call that registers on a different frequency than the existing great leaf-nosed bat.

After the results of genetic testing were confirmed, the bat received its new scientific name: Hipposideros griffini.

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