Meat Eating Pingwu Panda Caught On Video

Meat Eating Panda – A panda in China was caught eating meat on a video camera. The animal finished the remains of a gnu. Wildlife Researchers are interested because the behavior is far different than their normal diet of bamboo.

“The panda, whose sex is unknown, was a great eater with a mouth full of meat,” said Shao Liangkun.

Liangkun is the chief of the general office of the Wanglang Nature Reserve and who installed the camera near the animal’s habitat.

“Because the camera’s memory was full at 5 am on Nov 10, we don’t know what happened afterward.”

About a month after installing a camera, reserve employees would retrieve it to change its batteries and memory card.

Pandas are in the bear family and are able to eat and digest meat. Their diet is actually about 99% bamboo and the other 1% mainly from other vegetation. No one knows for sure if this is the first incident captured on video.

The Pingwu County forestry bureau says the panda appears to be healthy and strong.

The first photo of the panda was taken around 11 pm on Nov 9. It began eating the wildebeest around midnight, after becoming accustomed to the artificial lighting the researchers had set up.

Researchers in Pingwu, which is home to 230 of the 1,597 wild pandas in existence, began installing infrared cameras to monitor the panda five years ago.

Since then, they have installed more than 100 cameras.

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