Rare Black Cub Among Baby Boom Jaguars

Rare black cubs are the latest baby boom for jaguars at Zacango Zoo in Mexican, but one of the two babies from its most endangered species list is a melanistic. That means the animal appears completely dark, although their characteristic spots are still faintly visible.

“For ten years we haven’t registered a birth of this very important species. It’s a Mexican species in danger of extinction and fortunately this year, finally, they were successfully bred. It’s something extremely important for the zoo,” Zacango zoo coordinator Ana Sofia Manzur said.

The two cubs were bred from different mothers and they are the first of their species to be born at the zoo for a decade.

Still too fragile to wander freely around the zoo’s jaguar enclosure with their parents, the cubs currently receive round-the-clock care from keepers, who give the furry felines a specialist diet of milk, chicken and calcium supplements.

Once revered by pre-Colombian cultures, Mexican jaguars now face possible extinction because of a loss of habitat and human demand for jaguar fur.

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