Shark Attacks Film Crew’s Inflatable Boat

A great white shark can be intimating, especially if it attacks, but the MaxAnimal film crew scrambled for their cameras to record the predator on tape. The film crew for the animal production company was off the coast of South Africa.

The shark is seen by an underwater camera moving towards the boat and then pops his head out of the water and immediately bites down on the inflatable vessel several times in an attempt to pop it.

The boat, unfortunately, was not shark-proof as the crew said a pontoon on the boat popped and started to sink.

“Why does a rubber inflatable boat sink in the ocean? Because a Great White Shark has just taken a Chunk out of it!” the company states under the video’s description. “Is the scariest part when the Shark eyes our folks on the boat? Ah Yeah.”

The company doesn’t seem to be holding a grudge, and notes that great white sharks are “amazing creatures” that should be respected and protected.
In the comments section of the video, the company assured viewers there were no injuries.

“No, the shark is fine and so is the crew! Everyone made it out alive,” the company posted. And in response to a viewer who suggested the crew should have kicked the shark? “I don’t think that would have done any good,” it replied.

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