Urinating Swimmers Dead Fish Blame Points To Ice Skaters

Researchers in Germany conclude that urinating swimmers are being blamed for hundreds of dead fish that recently died in the Eichbaum Lake, a northern part of the country, but some experts believe ice skaters are the real cause.

A recent study indicated that the great amounts of human waste being introduced into the lake on a daily basis has created an algae bloom dangerous to the health of the wildlife living in the waters.

“Swimmers who urinate in the lake are introducing a lot of phosphate” that can contribute to algae blooms, a spokesman for the Hamburger Angling Association told Bild newspaper. “We’re calculating half a liter of urine per swimmer per day.”

Some question the study by the Angling Association and thier results however, as they have had a history of trying to get a ban on swimmers in the lake and their counterpart the Urban Development and Environment Authority or BSU, is currently working on getting the lake re-opened before the summer season starts.

The BSU wants an outside source to come in and test the lake to see if the Angling Assoc. claims or true. The BSU believes the fish have died of natural causes and winter ice skaters. “The ice-skaters make a noise that wakes the fish out of hibernation,” BSU spokeswoman Kerstin Graupner told the Local. “Then they can’t breathe and freeze. That’s a very common phenomenon. Their bodies are only now being found.”

It is said by outside researchers though that the urination theory of killing the fish is a reasonable possibility.

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