Yeti ‘Crabs’ Named Hasselhoff in the Antarctic

Yeti Crabs – Scientists in the Antarctic have been exploring deep-sea vents and have found a new Yeti species of crabs that they have dubbed the Hasselhoff. The new Yeti belong to a hairy family and was named after the Baywatch actor because of his hairy chest. However, a typical Yeti only had hair growing from their claws and limbs.

The new species was discovered because of their attraction to the research vessel’s light 2,500 feet below on the ocean floor.

Talking about the discovery of the new crabs and other species like a new octopus and predatory star fish that has 7 arms, among other new species, the expedition leader from Oxford University, Alex Rogers told Scientific American that it was, “almost like a sight from another planet.”

Light from the sun does not make it down to the depths as deep as to where the new Hasselhoff was found, so they draw their energy from the warm deep water vents in the area that contain hydrogen sulfide, Rogers explained.

When the crabs where first discovered by the research team, Rogers explained that, “They almost looked like a pile of skulls sitting on the seabed, It was an amazing, amazing sight.”

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