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This is page 3 of the latest Space news stories and essential articles written by Pat Prescott and other journalists for NewsOXY. Today is Thursday, November 10, 2011.

Trojan Asteroid Shares Orbit With Earth

Asteroid Earth - Astronomers have found the first “Trojan” asteroid that shares the same orbit around Earth. Trojans are located near stable points in front of or behind the planet. However, they can never collide with the planet because they constantly lead or follow with the planet. “These asteroids dwell mostly in the daylight, making [...]

Last Space Shuttle Launch Mission

Last Space Shuttle Launch Mission - After worries of bad weather and cloud cover, the last flight of a space shuttle launched successfully on Friday morning. The official lift off time was 11:29 am, 2 minutes 30 seconds later than scheduled. The shuttle was visible for 42 seconds before disappearing into the clouds. The crew [...]

Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch

The launch will be the last for any space shuttle. Space shuttle launch. Hoping weather doesn’t affect the timing NASA is working towards final preparations of the last mission. There’s a 60 percent chance that rain or thunderstorms will postpone the liftoff of Atlantis, shuttle weather officer Kathy Winters said Tuesday. Friday’s launch time is [...]

Brightest Space Object Ever Found

The brightest object ever found in the universe? A team of European astronomers have found an object that is most brightest distant and earliest quasar yet. It’s an incredible discovery for the space community. Light from this brilliant, starlike object took nearly 13 billion years to reach Earth, meaning the quasar existed when the universe [...]

After 40 Years Missing Moon Dust Is Found

A speck of moon dust collected from a camera used by astronauts during the lunar landing was collected after the mission, but shortly after was lost and missing for nearly 40 years. It was recovered at a St. Louis auction house and returned to the Johnson Space Center in Houston this week. The U.S. attorney’s [...]

Iran Monkey Into Space

An Iran monkey space project is in the works. The first monkey by a rocket made in Iran is planned for launch. The country’s space agency is currently performing tests on five primates in advance of sending one on board a Kavoshgar-5 rocket. Last year the country conducted similar tests, sending a rocket carrying a [...]

Asteroid Will Pass Earth On Monday

NASA is preparing for Asteroid Monday and astronomers are setting up their telescopes. The space agency has recalculated the time of closest approach for Monday to be about 3 1/2 hours later than initially reported. The small asteroid is about the same size as a tour bus and will make an extremely close pass by [...]

NASA Robotic Undocks From Space Station

NASA Space Station - Packed with trash and unneeded cargo, a robotic spaceship undocked from the International Space Station on Monday. What is called an Automated Transfer Vehicle-2 or ATV-2, is named “Johannes Kepler,” is named after the 17th century German astronomer who formulated famous laws of planetary motion. The ship with its cargo will [...]

Black Hole Devours Star - Big Galactic Event In Space

An incredible galactic event occurred when a large black hole devoured and shredded a nearby star. The final moments sent a flash of radiation towards Earth. Astronomers say the that gravitational forces had produced a blast of energy. It was all visible by telescope more than two-and-a-half months later, according to researchers. It was all [...]

The Shuttle Atlantis Gets Last Launch Test

On Wedensday Nasa fueled the shuttle Atlantis to check for malfunctions and leaks. This will be the last test for the space shuttle leading up to its last flight set to take off on July 8th. Crews had made repairs to the external fuel tank and wanted to make sure all was good and no [...]

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