Aaron Rodgers As Popular As Jesus? Votes ‘Yes’

Aaron Rogers Jesus – Aaron Rodgers is becoming as popular as Jesus Christ in the state of Wisconsin. A recent survey says “yes” when voters were asked whether they had a favorable view of the Green Bay Packers quarterback.

According to a recent opinion survey by Public Policy Polling, a whopping 89 percent of Wisconsin voters have a favorable view of Rodgers, with only Abraham Lincoln (91 percent) and Jesus (90 percent) surpassing him in favorability.

Among Wisconsin residents, Rodgers bested a group that includes famous Americans and global peacemakers like George Washington (86 percent), Mother Theresa (83), Martin Luther King, Jr. (74), Santa Claus (67), Gandhi (64), Nelson Mandela (64) and Steve Jobs (62), according to Yahoo Sports.

Those polled were also asked to rate their opinions of themselves. According to the poll results, one of the few people that a respondent was likely to few more favorably than Rodgers was his or herself.

Rodgers’ initial numbers were gathered a few weeks ago, while the newest figures to be analyzed were polled separately. The newest poll was done in response to those initial numbers.