Alabama Vs Auburn Score

Alabama Vs Auburn Score – The final score may read 42-14 in favor of Alabama, but not even that is indicative of the Tide’s dominance over Auburn.

In fact, Auburn fans should be thanking Alabama for giving them 14 points, especially since their offense scored none and gave up seven.

Perhaps it’s time to remove that genius label from Tiger offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn. Perhaps the term doofus is more applicable since Auburn’s best offensive player, Michael Dyer only saw a total of three carries in the first half.

No, life isn’t as peachy when you can’t just run the “Cam Newton play”.

Alabama’s defense was so suffocating at one point I wondered if Auburn knew they were allowed or even encourage to attempt to gain a first down.

Instead it was Jim McElwain who looked like the offensive mastermind, calling a wonderful game and providing formations to create adjustment issue for the clueless Tiger defense.

The simple act of putting a tight end out wide created confusion on the Auburn defense time and time again.

The Crimson Tide did a nice job with a dink and dunk pass attack to set up bigger throws down the field and when you couple that with the respect Alabama’s run game demands you have a recipe for disaster.

It only got worse as Trent Richardson picked up steam, movie orange blue piles for extra yards, slashing and stiff arming his way to a career high 203 yards on the ground, capped with that devastating 57 yard run in the fourth quarter.