Alex Morgan In Body Paint For Sports Illustrated Edition

Alex Morgan, a US Women’s Soccer Team Forward, will be posing in body paint for the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, Fox News reports.

The initial photos of the Alex Morgan photoshoot appeared in the Yardbreaker website last Friday and she admitted to being nervous when she posed in body paint for the SI Swimsuit Edition.

She later decided that the Sports Illustrated concept was a once in a lifetime opportunity. She felt it was an honor to be with other athletes in the magazine.

Morgan follows the example of Hope Solo (to a lesser degree) with the SI Swimsuit Edition. Hope Solo posed nude last year for the ESPN Body Issue.

Some people wonder if photos by Morgan will help or hurt the US Women’s Soccer team, but it’s doubtful that it will hurt.

The US Women’s Soccer team have advanced in the last decades with people like Mia Hamm and Julie Foudy. The team is composed of players who show fortitude on and off the field. 

Morgan is also down-to-earth when it comes to sports and life and most people feel that it’s her business what she does off the field.

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