Alex Oriakhi Looking For Transfer After UConn Ban

Before heading into his senior year next season UConn basketball forward and center, Alex Oriakhi will be looking for a transfer, apparently if the school remains banned or not from the 2013 NCAA Tournament.

The University of Connecticut has currently been placed under the ban next season due to a sub-par academic progress rating by the NCAA. Oriakhi indicated that his current GPA is 3.6. UConn is currently appealing the ban.

However, the ban may only be an easy way for Oriakhi to be able to get away from a team and coach in which he appears to be dissatisfied with, and not be penalized for a year. A recent tweet by Oriakhi only assumed to be directed at UConn head coach Jim Calhoun read, “To coaches out there with slave master mentality, ur days are over. Bully only leads to resentments. Bb is a fun game not a mental hospital.”

Oriakhi is one of UConn’s star players and typically if a player were to transfer to another school, he would be ineligible to play for one year. But if the school is banned, a transferring player can play for another school right away.

Oriakhi’s father indicated that despite the outcome of the appeal, his son would seek the transfer and sit out a year if need be. “Alex will transfer because of the NCAA tournament next year,” his father simply said to a the newspaper group.

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