Astrodome Fate Being Decided In Houston

The Houston Astrodome may soon have its fate decided and can either become a multipurpose facility or demolished and replaced by a shopping center. It’s been the home for many sports fans for 47 years.

In 1965 the Astrodome opened as the first domed sports stadium and is now named the Reliant Astrodome. The dome was most used by Major League Baseball’s Hoston Astro’s from 1965 to 1999 and the NFL’s Houston Oilers from 1968 to 1997. It has also been used by other teams in various leagues throughout the years, and held concerts by some of the biggest names, and even hosted an annual livestock show for years.

But for the last several years the dome has sat empty since being closed in 2008. However, on Wednesday a Dallas based consultant company called GSL proposed 4 options to the city of Houston on what to do with the structure. One, that GSL seems to be in favor of, is to invest $270 million in updating the dome to become multipurpose facility that would spark fresh interest in drawing business to Houston.

Two options include demolishing the structure and either building an outdoor shopping plaza or a massive ”renaissance” complex anchored by a luxury hotel, in its place.

The 4th option is to let it continue to sit empty and do nothing with it.

Bill Rhoda, CSL’s president, said the multipurpose facility proposal ”recognizes the magnitude of potential opportunities offered by this one-of-a-kind structure.”

Rhoda, believes that option would help attract the bid to hold the 2017 Superbowl either in the dome or at the nearby Reliant Stadium were the Houston Texan’s play. He says renovation on the Astrodome as a multipurpose structure would be complete in 2016, when Houston is due to host the NCAA Final Four in basketball, and could host trade shows, various sporting events, and exhibitions.

”It provides additional flexibility for being able to attract a variety of events,” Rhoda said. ”It adds the ability to move toward the Super Bowls and the Final Fours of the world, and get those events to Houston.”

”Under the multipurpose facility, the days of the Astrodome exclusively as a sports facility are over,” said Edgar Colon, chairman of the Harris County Convention and Sports Corporation. ”It will be sports facilities-plus.”

There is no timeline yet set on making a decision on the Astrodomes fate and all the proposed plans will now go before the Harris County commissioners for review at a project’s meeting on June 26th.

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