Babe Ruth Jersey Auction Could Smash Records

Babe Ruth Auction – A jersey worn by one of baseball greatest and most well know players, Babe Ruth, will be going up for auction and is expected to break records.

The record for a piece of baseball memorabilia being sold was a Honus Wagner baseball card in 2007 for $2.8 million dollars. Now experts believe that the wool flannel #3 New York Yankees jersey that he wore in his first season with the team will smash the Wagner record, when it goes on the block next month.

David Kohler, president of SCP Auctions, said, “This is simply the finest sports artifact we’ve handled in our 30-year history. The historical impact of Ruth’s emergence in the Big Apple in the early 1920s, combined with the jersey’s superb original condition, makes this a sports treasure of the highest order.”

At the time, the jersey was made with the name ‘G.H. Ruth’ sewn into the collar. In that same year he became the first player in baseball to hit more than 50 home runs in a season, the previous record was 29 which was also done by the legend while a member of the Boston Red Sox.

SCP Auctions Managing Director Dan Imler said, “It has a definite aura about it. It is hard to put a value on an item of such singular importance. Ruth was a man of mythic proportions. More than any other man, he transcended sports, achieving a nearly unrivaled status as an American icon. In the process, he changed the game of baseball forever. To think this jersey was worn by him during the most pivotal years of his career, and arguably the most consequential years in baseball history, makes this one of the finest sports artifacts we’ll see in our lifetime.”

The online auction will begin on April 30th at the SCP Auction site.

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