Biggest Laker Supporter Magic Johnson Disappointed

By: | 12/12/2021 10:58 AM ET

With all the trials and tribulations, the Los Angeles Lakers are having this season, their biggest supporter and former star, Magic Johnson is expressing his disappointment in the team.

Prior to this season, the Lakers added star point guard Steve Nash and star forward Dwight Howard, to join team star’s Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol and expectations of the current team were higher then ever, expecting to be in contention for another championship.

Things have hardly worked out for them thus far though, Nash has hardly played due to injury, and after a 1-4 start they fired head coach Mike Brown, who had taken over the team last year after the departure of Phil Jackson.

After inquiring if Jackson would return to coach the team after the Brown firing, which Jackson said he was ready to agree to, team owner Jerry Buss surprisingly turned course and hired offensive minded, Mike D’Antoni.

Currently, the Lakers, who lack any way of stopping apposing teams defensively, are just 9-13 overall and sit 12th out of 15 teams in the Western Confrence and hardly look like a playoff team much less a Championship contender.

In a recent press conference, to announce the signing of a new Korean pitcher for the Dodgers, Magic Johnson, who played, coached, and worked in the front office for the Lakers, has expressed his disappointment over the current state of the team saying, “This is not Laker basketball.”

The new L.A. Dodgers owner talked as if he was still working for the Lakers. He said, “We have got to get back to playing solid defense. That will make our offense go. Kobe (Bryant) is not going to ever have trouble scoring. (Pau) Gasol — if we put him in the right position — won’t have trouble scoring. Dwight (Howard) can score. So, we can score. But we can’t outscore everybody. You have to play defense first. Then you have to go down to the offensive end and score.”

After talking more about the Lakers defensive struggles Johnson said, “I love the Lakers so much, and I die with every single game they lose. I’m frustrated because I love them so much. And I don’t like where we are. I watch the faces, and it’s almost like (the players) don’t know what they’re doing or how to do it. “

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